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Terms and conditions

Below you'll find the general terms & conditions that apply to of our accommodation. Please bear in mind that the specific terms & conditions for the accommodation you book will vary, as will the particular cancellation policy for each one. You can find these specific conditions listed in full on the purchase form, which you will have to confirm you have read before you finalise your booking.


This website is for private and personal use only.

The right to use this website to search information or make a reservation is exclusive to people older than 18, either private individuals or representatives of companies or institutions. Apartment Borg reserves the right to modify the website or parts of it, as well as its contents, whenever needed.

We employ all our efforts to ensure that the information given in the website is exact and precise. However, the website contains informative material that depends on third parties (individuals or institutions) external to Apartment Borg so we will not be held responsible for the veracity and accuracy of said information.


The petition done through the Internet by the user and received by Apartment Borg  has a binding contractual nature. From this moment on, the contract will be perfected and subject to this General Conditions, which must be accepted by the user/customer to complete the contracting process.

Apartment  Borg reserves the right to correct miscalculations or typos. The customer will respond for all obligations derived by the contract and will also be responsible for any damage and harm that may cause the people accompanying said customer and that also occupy the accommodation.


All prices will be indicated in euros .

Apartment Borg reserves the right to modify the prices announced in the website anytime. These modifications won't affect the reservations already booked in any case. However, those changes will be applicable to price variations in case of modifications in reservations requested by the customer.



Beate and Raymond Borg

Email and phone number: they appear in the contact page of the website www.malta-apart-sc.de